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Smartphones, many of us modern ghost hunters has one of these nifty little devices in our pockets, but how many of us has thought about using them as a ghost hunting tool and what makes a good ghost hunting app?

When i first got myself an android smartphone, about a year ago, I immediately started to think of how it could be put to good use during a ghost investigation. Sadly, I do not possess the brain power to write the necessary code required to create my own ghost hunting app.

However, there are plenty of clever folks out there that know how to write this code and some of them have made some truly fascinating applications for us avid ghost hunters. Below are just a few of the many useful tools out there just waiting for us to download and install. To begin with I will start off with a few Iphone ghost huting apps and then move onto some available for android phones.

Iphone Ghost Hunters Apps

Ghost Radar By Spud Pickles

Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar:

Spud Pickles is the mastermind behind the Ghost radar iphone and Android application and it uses various sensors on your phone to ‘detect’ paranormal activity. Ghost Radar measures electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds, but unlike many traditional ghost hunting equipment the Ghost Radar is unique in the fact that it analyses the readings that it obtains from the various phones sensors and only reports when interesting patterns have been detected.


iSeismometer by ObjectGraph is an interesting little app that measures vibrations in threee dimentions, X,Y & Z (X is side to side movement, Y is up and down and Z is forwards and backwards). The sensitivity of this app is pretty supprising . Like many tools used by ghost hunters, iSeismometer was not originally designed to be used in quite this way. However, we believe that this app could help build up a detailed picture of the enviroment in which we are investigating.

ITalk Recorder:

ITalk Recorder is a simple recorder for your Iphone that some ghost hunters are using as a means of recording EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) during their investigations. We have not personally tested this app but from the reports i’ve read and the conversations i’ve had with fellow ghost hunters, the ITalk Recorder is apparently a great product.

 Ghost Hunter EVP:Ghost Hunter EVP has apparently been designed by Tapfuze to record sounds that go unheard by the human ear. Now I have not used this app myself, but it does have some features, such as exporting your recordings into Itunes, that ghost hunters may find very useful.


Android Ghost Hunters Apps

Entity Sensor:

Entity Sensor by Krugism Development LLC  is a simple EMF meter/detector similar to other EMF meters used by most ghost hunting teams. The visual output display is in the form of mock led’s as well as a numeric Micro Tesla readout. How accurate these measurments are is anyones guess, so if your after a basic EMF meter for your ghost hunts, this might be one for you.


Vibrometer is a great little vibration meter app that can be used by ghost hunters. Personally I use this android app when I am asking spirits to respond by tapping or banging in reply to my questions whilst on investigations. Vibrometer is sensitive enough to measure even the slightest of taps on a table.


Last but by no means least on our ghost hunting app list is one called Audalyzer. Audalyzer is a great little audio analyser app that can tell you how loud the audio source is as well as the frequency at which the audio is on, which is great for when it comes to EVP recording sessions. In my humble opinion, this is the must have ghost hunting app to have on your phone!

Although these apps look the part and some even go ‘bing!’, be aware that not all of these apps should be taken too seriously. Remember, if a product describes itself as a ‘ghost detector’, take it with a pinch of salt, apply some logical thinking to the situation and be skeptical.

Another point to pay attention to is that there are many pirated apps out there and many of these pirated Android apps are not only modified to exclude the License check that is used for Market apps, but have extra code added that steal your contact information, make expensive calls and texts, and log your keystrokes. This is obviously a major security threat. That’s the only reason that these hackers take popular apps and provide them free.

Nothing is truly free!

Take care,

Ghost Science

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  1. Just to note guy’s and girl’s, whilst the android mobile platform is a powerful and useful tool, remember to keep it in ‘Flight’ mode during an investigation or otherwise be aware of the massive interference (GSM+Bluetooth+wifi) and account accordingly! This is a very good list, and alot of these apps will also work with your Apad and other Android devices

  2. What does the different colors mean on the radar screen, and what does the 3 knobs mean when it lights up on the radar bottom of the radar screen?

    1. If you are talking about the three colored buttons they stand for when the program has wormed up so when the red light shows it fully ready.

      Know for the blimps or 4 colored blimps show on the radar they stand for how strong the spirit is the 4 colors are red,yellow,green and blue the red is the strongest yellow is a bit weaker than red green is average and blue is the weakest.

      Anyway ill tell you two of my experiences with it which surprised me I thought it wasn’t going to so I turn it on for the day and kept it with me the hole day and when I thought it didn’t work it suddenly sad shut right after I left the bathroom which I forgot to close the door so I was still a bit skeptic about it so I decided to test it by doing an EVP recording with my digital recorder beside it so I asked a three or four questions and when I was asking the questions a yellow blimp showed saying volume and then it disappeared after that I checked the recording from my digital recorder and I found out when the app sade volume a voice right after it said volume so I believe the the program works.

      1. Thanks for that Kyle.
        To be honest, I have never used the app on an investigation, but I plan to during our next
        field trip. I know of a few places where, if the app works, it could be very useful to
        give it a try.

        Thanks for your input & take care,

        1. It is nice to find some decent cnentot for once, I was getting sickof the absolute drivel I come across recently, you deserve respect for posting readable and informative material.

    1. Basically, if you get it from the Google play store, you should be good. I use Amazon apps as well, but the play store is by far the safest, and best choice.

  3. i dont understand why people are interested to detect the ghost only, why not interested to remove it ,if you find ghost how u you will be remove it,do you have any power to remove it ????

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