Mysterious Milton Keynes Book Released

A while ago we posted about a new book called, Mysterious Milton Keynes, that was due to be released on the 1st of September.  Well, the author, James Willis, has informed us that his book has been released early! If you live in or around Milton Keynes, or if you are just curious, treat yourself to […]

Upcoming Server Change

Hi all, Due to price hikes from our current website hosting provider, Ghost Science will be changing servers in the next week. This may mean that our website suffers a little down time while the change go ahead. Fingers crossed any down time will be short. Take care, Neal – Ghost Science Co-Founder  

Mysterious Milton Keynes

Is Milton Keynes a city without a soul? On the face of it many people would think so, but dig a little deeper under the concrete cows and roundabouts and we can find many weird and wonderful stories just waiting to be discovered. Thankfully finding some of these stories will become a little easier on […]

Ghost Science Team Member Dies

This will probably be the hardest post I will ever have to write for Ghost Science, but here goes. As some of you may be aware, Ghost Science is a small team with only four members, this is by design. Sadly yesterday morning one of our members, Roy, died. Roy was taken ill late on […]

Thomas Edison’s Life Units

Towards the end of Thomas Edison’s (1847 – 1931) long career, he started work on a device to communicate with the soul. As Edison was born during the the hight of the spiritualism movement, he would have been well acquainted with the movement and aware of the many mediums claiming to be able to contact long departed spirits.

An Old Ghost Picture

For a few years I have had this suspected ghost picture sitting on my computer, lost in the void of digital hell that is my pc that I had taken whilst on an investigation in a Dudley church.Last week it reared its ugly head again and begged to be seen by a friend who just happens to be a photographic expert, which is handy!

Is This A Real EVP Clip?

On the 6th of April this year, the Ghost Science team embarked on our first ghost investigation for
quite some time. During the investigation, nothing much appeared to be happening, most of us, it’s
fair to say, were feeling a little disappointed. That was until a few days later when I was going through
the many hours of audio recordings that we had made during our evening at Wainwright’s Hairdressers.